Struggling with the  BUSINESS  side of the Interior Design biz? 

You've got the creativity, the design eye, and the vision. NOW - let's pair that with savvy business skills, network building, ​marketing, and helpful processes to make your interior design business a PROFITABLE one that brings you joy. 

Let's get down to business

 Hi! I'm Lauren 

In three years, I went from working part-time as an administrative assistant making $15/hr, to building a full-time career in interior design booking multiple design clients at a time and making six figures a year—with absolutely zero background in the industry.

I'm a bit of a systems nerd, I love strategy, and networking is sort of my jam. To sum it up, I love the business side of the design biz, and I'm ready to teach YOU what I've learned—Because I believe you should do something you love, and get paid to do it! 

So stick around, and lets get down to business. 

 What Designers are Saying 

"Something I particularly appreciate about Lauren is how passionate she is about business strategy. Business strategy just isn't something I naturally feel passionate about myself -- I'd be happy digging into the creative side of design all day long! But the truth is, to succeed as a designer, business strategy is essential. If you're like me, you have plenty to gain from Lauren's passion and expertise. She knows how to inspire others to merge both the creative and the strategic to create a highly effective design business."

Shay Gabriel

Lead Designer at Shay Gabriel

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 Let's get down to business 

Don't spend another day struggling to get the results you want in your interior design business. It's time to get down to business and create the career I know you can have!

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