These Two Tools will Save You HOURS on Social Media!

Updated: May 12, 2020

Hello, Lauren here!

Today I want to talk about two tools that you must implement to save you HOURS on social media planning and creation.

The secrets? Hootsuite + Batch Working your content! Let's dive in!

Hootsuite is a great tool for managing and planning your social media content. It's an online software that you can link up all of your social media accounts. I have 4 Instagram accounts linked up to Hootsuite, several Facebook Business pages, my LinkedIn, and Pinterest (yes, you can also pin to Pinterest from Hootsuite as well!)

When utilizing Hootsuite for social media, I recommend batchworking. Batchworking is a very popular topic of conversation in the business community right now, especially with social media and content creation being so huge!

Batching is setting aside a chunk of time to focus in on one specific task—whether that’s writing blogs, managing your social media, or creating video content for your website—to just do it all at one time. And YES! I'm batching right now! I'm working on 10 videos that I will also turn into blog posts, and then I'm going to schedule them—using HootSuite— to post across my various social media platforms over the next several weeks.

Talk about TIME SAVER!

Right now, I do some of the batch working myself, but my assistant, Sydney, manages a lot of the elements for my four separate businesses that have each have multiple social media pages—so it's really important that we plan ahead and batch it all out or else we are trying to post 4 or 5 posts on different platforms everyday—and lets be real, you who wants to spend their whole life doing social media!?

When scheduling our social media content, we set aside a chunk of time each month—maybe 2 or 3 hours per business—and batch out all of the planning and contact creation for the upcoming month.

For my Interior Design Business, Sydney (my assistant), will go through the month and upload images for every day of the month, since we post once a day on our Interior Design Instagram and Facebook accounts. She uploads the images into Hootsuite (in the order that we want them to appear on our instagram feed) and I then go back at a separate time and batch out all of the captions for those images. This allows me to just focus on the captioning. Since Sydney’s a very visual person (she also has her own photography business!) she's really good at planning out the order of the schedule and how all of the images are going to work together.

For social accounts for our Airbnb, The Loft on Madison, Sydney does all of the batch working. She starts by setting aside 3 hours and does the whole month ahead of time. That say, she won't have to think about it again until next month!

SO. When it comes to batch working, Hootsuite makes it super easy, and BONUS, it's is a very visual platform (which I love!). It allows you to either see all your social media platforms at once, or you have the option to turn the platforms on / off to get a better visual of the week. It almost looks like a Google Calendar, but with the image of the post and the caption.

It's super easy to click on your posts, edit them, and select which social media platform you want your post to go onto. You could decide, “I'm going to have this post go out to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram” or you could just choose one platform.

Once you choose those and enter them in, you can go into those individual posts and change the caption to best fit the platform you're posting too. For example, if you're posting to facebook, you might want to stay “like this if...”, whereas on Instagram, you're probably going to say “double tap this if...” get the concept?

Hootsuite is about $45 / month for the plan that we're on currently. We used to use a different program called Buffer, which was cheaper at $10/month for our previous plan, but it didn’t have the same flexibility and capability, and it was limited in the number of profiles we could have connected to the program. In my opinion, Buffer isn’t as visually organized, and I’m a very visual person, so if the platform I’m working with feels clunky or old, I just don't enjoy working on it.

Let me know what you think if you try out Hootsuite, or if you have a different social media scheduling platform that you like to use, share it in the comments below! Also try out that batch working...let me know how it goes and if you feel like it ends up saving you some time!

And finally, if you haven’t downloaded my sweet lil freebie yet for my Top 9 Interior Design Business Resources, the link to that is here!

Thank you, lovelies! Keep an eye out for number five!


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