The Power Trio: My Top 3 Podcasts and Why!

Updated: May 12, 2020


Today we're are talking about my top 3 favorite podcasts and why I am listening to them these days! Although these often change, I think these three are the most relevant (and helpful!) to those in our industry.

SO. Number one. They very first interior design business podcast that I started listening to is called “A Well-Designed Business” with LuAnn Nigara. What I love about this podcast is that LuAnn is an excellent interviewer and she asks really good detailed questions about process—which I feel is the biggest question everybody always has in interior design. You know how to do the creative part, you know how to create a beautiful space, but it’s how to take the client through that, how to deal with your business behind-the-scenes, how to deal with your vendors...ALLL of that. I highly recommend her podcast, check it out here!

My second podcast that I recommend you listen to is “The Gold Digger Podcast” with Jenna Kutcher. Jenna is a former wedding photographer who came from a corporate job, bought a Craigslist camera for $300, and ended up building a million dollar empire online! When Jenna started as a wedding photographer, she started focusing on the education aspect for wedding photographers and now she's built this broader entrepreneurial audience and focuses on all sorts of different things for creative businesses - especially women business.


Jenna Kutcher has been very inspirational for me lately and her podcast is a lot about thinking bigger! She has a lot of practical and easy to implement tips for email marketing and social media, including Instagram and Pinterest, and she has a great digital course on how Pinterest can work for your business!

Her podcast has super interesting guests, and through it I've discovered so many other podcasts that are incredibly inspiring! I love it when I start to branch out from one person that I'm interested in and begin to learn about the people that are in their circles—and then it just grows and grows from there!

Check out “The Gold Digger Podcast” with Jenna Kutcher for more broad entrepreneurial business type subject matter and topics!

My last podcast suggestion is really important for small creative business owners and that is the “Building a StoryBrand” podcast with Donald Miller.

You may remember the name Donald Miller as the author of many popular memoirs from a number of years ago. He wrote the book Blue like Jazz and Searching for God Knows What, which I remember being impactful for me when I was in high school and college. Now, he's shifted directions and has this awesome company called Building a StoryBrand. Donald’s brand is all about how to utilize STORY within your branding.

If you remember my first post in this series, I talked about my sister company,, and how you should build your website in such a way so that people understand what you're selling, how to hire you, and how you fit into their story. A lot of this valuable information came from the Donald Miller Building a StoryBrand framework, and it's a lot about positioning yourself as a guide to your client—who is the hero and protagonist in their own story—and how you can help guide them through this problem that they're coming to you for.

So, as Interior Designers, our scenario with a client might be something like, “I live in a space that I don't love" or "I don’t know how to do this”. As a designer, your objective is to guide them through that process, which also touches on the emotion behind making purchases.

In our industry, we are selling items and services that are high-ticket—let's face it, design, furniture, and remodels are really expensive! If you’re a residential interior designer, you know that, for your client, there’s a lot of emotions that go into making that purchase because your clients have saved up for this project and this vision (maybe for years!). The strategy that works best for me is how to tap into the emotional side of things. That’s what people are buying—the story and vision.

Donald Miller has a lot of practical tips and tricks for changing your website in ways that will tap into your client's emotions, but he also interviews some of the most innovative and interesting people out there in the creative world, which I think will be really insightful for you!

So, go check out those podcasts and let me know what you think about them! If you’ve already listened to the podcasts I mentioned, let us all know if you picked up on anything that you found insightful—we'd love to hear about it! Share your thoughts below!

And if you haven't downloaded my freebie - Top 9 Interior Design Business Resources! - do that now!

See you soon, lovelies!


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