My Favorite Resource for those WITHOUT Graphic Design Skills!

Updated: May 12, 2020

Today I'm excited to share a resource that will save you HOURS and have your marketing looking super snazzy in no time. Fact: I do NOT have a graphic design degree (ha! I don't even have an INTERIOR design degree!!). So how, you might ask, does my marketing look so polished?

Let's dive right in, shall we?

Let me introduce you to Canva: your very own at-your-beck-and-call graphic designer.

Canva is a super easy-to-use, free online graphic design program that has hundreds of pre-created templates (all made by professional graphic designers) that you can use for your own projects! You start by choosing a template, import your own images, information, etc., and then utilize them on social media, as flyers, a fancy brochure...the list goes on!

If you downloaded my Top 9 Interior Design Business Resources Freebie, (if you haven't—what are you waiting for!) this is a perfect example of a document that was created through Canva!

You can start start from scratch OR make your own layouts and templates, PLUS, they're customizable enough that once you add your own brand fonts and/or colors, it's not going to be obvious AT ALL that it was a template somebody else created.

Honestly, you have so many things to do in your business—you don't need to waste your time creating templates when somebody else has already taken the time to do that for you!

We LOVE Canva!

Another great resource that Canva provides is printing! You can create documents right through the platform, and then select the option to have them professionally printed and shipped to you right from the site. The packaging is beautiful, the printing quality is great, and it’s relatively inexpensive!

Below is an example of a brochure that I created and printed through Canva:

On one side, my brochure includes a beautiful photo of a room we designed, some key points about our business, and a quote. On the other side is a picture of me doing what I love, along with the kinds of services we offer, along with my contact information.

This brochure is included in my consultation packet, and I’ve also sent stacks of these to my different vendor partners, such as my real estate agent or different friends who regularly refer me clients.

You could also create something similar to take to a trade show or you can format it so it makes sense to leave door-to-door.

There are endless possibilities!

So there you have it! Canva is an excellent resource for interior designers to up their marketing game. Check it out, love it, use it, and let me know what you think!

Once again, if you haven't downloaded my Top 9 Interior Design Business Resources, you can find it here.

Happy designing, lovelies!


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