How a Business Coach WILL Help You Level Up Your Interior Design Business

Updated: May 12, 2020

Let's talk business!

Alright many of you have ever worked with a business coach?

I've been working with a coach for more than three years now, and let me tell you, it has been SO important to my personal and business growth! Anytime I'm on the verge of a big decision, or when I face a challenging issue in my business, I know can bring it to my coach and to talk through through possible solutions or strategies.

Coaching can look a lot of different ways: there are group coaching options, one-on-one coaching options, personal coaching, sales coaching, industry specific or general business, the list goes on! My own coach is not specific to my industry, but I have a lot of mentors that I follow or that I chat with on a semi-regular basis, so I feel I get the best of both worlds.

My coach is a broad business coach (not specific to the interior design industry), so that's helpful for thinking through the general business process, branding, vision, and goals. We're currently focusing much of our time on business structure since I hired my first employee this year! Hiring brings up a whole number of different topics and issues that you never have to think about when you're just a single person business, so it's great to have the insight of an outside experienced party to help you organize your roles and responsibilities.

There are also industry specific coaches. In our world, this is somebody—like myself!—who has experienced successes in the industry of interior design, and who offers courses, coaching, or resources specific to design. This might be someone who's been in business 30 years, or it might just be an interior designer who's a little bit further down the road from you.

For instance, I offer “Pick My Brain” coaching calls based on my success as a business owner. I'm not the most successful interior designer in the world—I still have so much to learn!—but I'm surely one, two, or even three steps ahead of other people in this field, and I can offer insights on my own experience to help my peers get a little farther down the line quicker.

(If that's something you're interested in, you can book a call here!)

Coaching is so interesting, because in the greater history of the world, it's really a NEW industry that has exploded within the past 10 years! But it's truly a valuable resource that can save you YEARS of mistakes by learning from someone who knows the game. It also pushes you to level up, because when you are making a financial investment by paying someone to mentor / coach you, you're upping your game, you're pushing yourself to make that investment WORTH it, and that is going to hold you accountable to do. the. work!

If you're working with someone for free, that can be helpful, for sure, but you aren't going to be as motivated as when you've invested MONEY and need to see yourself recoup that cost!

When you pay that premium price to get that mentorship, your coach is going to keep you accountable. Every time I meet with my coach, he asks "How's it going? Did you do what we talked about?” and "By our next meeting, I want to accomplish X, Y and Z." I tell ya what, it's a GREAT motivator!

SO! If you haven’t already, I HIGHLY recommend working with a business coach, either inside or outside of your industry!

Annnnd, I'm happy to be a resource for that as well!

For those of you that have worked or are working with a coach, do you like it or no? Was it industry-specific or was it with somebody who is a general business coach? Whether you've done life coaching or business coaching, I'd love to hear all about it in the comments below!

And if you haven't already, follow this link to get My Top 9 Interior Design Business Resources with more great tips for leveling up your design business.

See ya soon, lovelies!


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