The Exact Templates I use When Communicating with Clients (Set of 11 Templates)


The exact templates I use when communicating with clients on our projects! I promise, these will save you HOURS of time on composing the perfect email. It’ll also give you an idea of how we work our client-facing process as well... Use them exactly as is, or add in some of your own voice and style! If you use google as your email provider (gmail), you can insert these into your stored templates so you can quickly pop them into your composer when needed!


You'll recieve the following email templates when you purcahse this package: 


  1. Book a Discovery Call - Sent after a client reaches out via our site/email
  2. Consultation Homework and Invoice - Sent After We Book a Consultation

  3. Sending Proposal Following the Consultation

  4. Proposal Accepted - Sending Invoice and Next Steps

  5. Friday Update Emails - Sent to Active Clients Every Friday

  6. Scheduling the Presentation - Sent 2 Weeks Prior to Desired Date

  7. Presentation Reminder - Sent 3-4 Days Prior to Presentation

  8. Sending Refinements - Sent following presentation if needed

  9. Scheduling Installation Date

  10. Installation Reminder and Details - Sent 5 Days Prior to Installation

  11. Installation Summary and Punch List - Sent Following the Installation