Online Resources for Interior Designers who Mean Business 

Creating an Interior Design Website that Sells


Lauren teaches you how to create a killer (affordable!) interior design website that highlights your portfolio, clearly communicates what you do/why your client wants it, and lands you your ideal client. 

Learn Lauren's 10-Step Client Facing Interior Design Process


After learning from the best in the interior design world, then refining, editing, and using all the most effective elements, Lauren has put together a design process that leaves you and your client feeling comfortable and confident. 

Networking 101 for Interior Designers


Are you getting OUT THERE and meeting the right people in your community who will help you find your ideal client? Lauren teaches you the top 7 ways to get involved, get connected, and network your way to an awesome interior design business. 

Accounting 101 for Interior Designers



Let's face it, accounting is one of those things you need to have a grasp on if you're going to run a business. The good news? Understanding your books will save you SO much worry, and, the big one - MONEY. Avoid owing back taxes and get a grasp on your product margins and bottom line - because we can grow what we measure, and your bank account is definitely one of those things you want to grow! 

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